Monthly market for East Gosford

From March 20, East Gosford will host a monthly market on the third Saturday of every month on the grounds of the St Patricks Catholic Primary School.

The market has been organised by BROWSE Events Founder Joanne Giles, who also runs the markets at Long Jetty and Terrigal

Giles said she is excited to expand into East Gosford.

“There’s been a lot of stallholder demand and a lot of people asking me about possibly starting up in Gosford,” Giles said.

“Father Greg Skulski from the St Patrick’s Parish contacted me around the same time to see if I’d be interested in doing a monthly community market there; it’s crazy how it all happened.

“I said, let’s give it ago, so we went to the Council, completed the DA, and it just came through.”

The market will include up to 100 stalls which Giles said she wants to complement the local shops.

“We would like to focus on hot and cold foods stalls and produce like local veggies and fruits,” she said.

“We will also have some nice artesian stores like fashion and craft.

“We want the focus to be more on local produce and food and somewhere for people to hang out in that area.

“We love the feel of East Gosford; it’s like a village for the locals, which is really great for a market.”

“The East Gosford markets follow the ‘shop local’ mindset that has become popular since COVID.

“I feel like there’s a need for support for these small businesses.

“It was terrible for everybody, but everyone slowly starting to get back out there.”

Jacinta Counhian

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  1. Will the market at East Gosford still go ahead regardless of the weather?
    Cheers, Lyn Watson Phone 0414999941

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