Raw Challenge a team-building exercise

To encourage teamwork and cohesion, Year 9 Advisor at Central Coast Sports College, Richard Moolman, took his students to complete the Raw Challenge to see how they went up against mud, obstacles and slides.

Moolman said the day was a great team-building exercise where new and existing students could exceed their comfort zones, do something different, and have fun together.

“The one we did was a 5km course, which is a shortened version of the main course,” Moolman said.

“The idea was you were not allowed to move onto the next obstacle until your last member had finished the current one.

“In the beginning, the keen students would run off, finish the obstacle, and then stand at the end having a chat, but then also get frustrated they couldn’t move on.

“As we went along, they sort of realised that you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

“On the course, we spoke about it, and I asked how we could do it faster and how we could improve it; they were coming up with those answers.

“By the end, you could see the whole dynamic of each obstacle then change.

“They all loved the slide, but for them, the hardest bit was the monkey bars, simply because they were metal bars and it started raining.”

Jacinta Counihan