Tribal Rhythms classes return

Rendra Freestone teaching Tribal Rhythms

The Rhythm Hut’s drumming classes are back, with the year’s first six-week program kicking off on February 23.

Tribal Rhythms started back in 2004 as a body percussion and vocal percussion movement class.

The drumming classes incorporated African, Indonesian and Japanese drums and students finished the term with a community performance.

Over time, the class evolved into specialised drumming classes, with the most popular being African and Japanese drumming.

Tribal Rhythms teacher, Rendra Freestone, said the African drumming sessions included playing the Djembe and always had a great groove vibe, and the larger Japanese drumming classes were more physical and empowering for students.

He said the classes allow people who have never touched a drum to have the opportunity not only to learn how to play but to perform.

“The Tribal Rhythms class is a place where people meet new friends, grow confidence and get to experience the power of music all in one place,” Freestone said.

“I love teaching the class because everyone is always smiling and laughing.

“I love it when people think they can’t play music and then they discover or rediscover the musical part of themselves.”

He said classes offer an all-inclusive environment where people can engage in the power of music through the drums.

No experience is needed, and the Rhythm Hut supplies all the drums.

Jacinta Counihan