I’ll weed the median strips if Council won’t

Peter Pracy and The Entrance MP, David Mehan next to an overgrown median strip

Forum –

I am appalled by the overgrown weeds on the roundabouts and median strips in the local area.

The complete lack of attention to these areas is woeful.

The general look of the area is an embarrassment to the residents and I’m sure it is having an effect on house prices.

Who would want to move into the area that looks like it currently does?

There are weeds that are over six feet tall and some weeds are that dense they need to be hedged.

I have written to Council to inform them of my intentions, and that of other residents, that once I receive their response we will take it upon ourselves to weed and poison some of the median strips and roundabouts in the area, because the Council can’t or won’t do it, even though the Council keeps taking our rate payments.

I’ve asked Council if I can borrow some witches hats from them, if there were any preferred times they would like me to do the work they should be doing, what poisons should I use and whether I needed my own insurance or could I use theirs?

Email, Feb 5
Norm Chisholm, Killarney Vale