New community centre and facilities proposed at Lakeland Park

A new community centre will replace this barbecue area

Lakeland Park Village at Buff Point will have a new community centre, pool and barbecue area if Central Coast Council approves plans put forward by Hometown Australia Management.

The development application 75/2021 also takes in the addition of 10 new sites for manufactured homes, taking the total number in the village to 153.

Lakeland, at 314 Buff Point Ave on the shores of Budgewoi Lake, is a self-contained residential land lease village with 191 residents, mostly aged in their 70s.

In their proposal to Council, Hometown Australia said that provision of the extra sites in the village would contribute to availability of affordable housing for older residents in an area where there was a shortage.

There are no plans to change the boundary of the village or the internal road network and there would be an extra 12 visitor parking spaces.

Proposed alterations to the village include demolition of the existing community building and construction of new community centre with a deck area, kitchen, dining area, amenities, lounge and gym.

Also, there will be a pool and barbecue area, 12 extra spaces for visitor parking, partial demolition and alterations to the manager’s office as well as landscaping around the village.

An Environmental Assessment Report recommends the retention of two habitat trees and even though 33 native trees will be removed as part of the proposal, another 66 native trees will be planted on the western boundary.

Sue Murray