Rates rise unacceptable while council executives remain

Forum –

Whilst ratepayers can understand Administrator Dick Persson’s explanations for the need for ratepayers to pay more in via rate increases to cover Central Coast Council debt, our minds boggle at the thought that the same incompetent executives and senior managers that put us into a financial mess are still employed in the same roles except one, the CEO Gary Murphy.

I agree with Mr Kevin Brooks‘ opinion (Forum, Jan 22) but incompetent executives can’t realistically pay all the debt.

And the same financially incompetent buffoons will be in charge again.

Hence, I believe all ratepayers would rather see a few more incompetent heads roll or pushed aside from decision making before there is yet another rate increase.

Surely the current Administrator can find all the culprits that led to our debt, not just the CEO.

This current rate increase will only allow the same incompetent people to mismanage our money, again, and again.

What’s next in five years?

Another big rate increase to cover future mismanagement?

Email, Jan 27
Hernán Ratto, Tascott ratepayer