Questions for the Administrator

Council Administrator, Dick Persson

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Central Coast Council has asked local residents to take part in community consultation in regards to the upcoming rate rise proposed to help alleviate some of the financial pressure the Council is currently under.

As the Council is currently in the control of the NSW Government’s appointed Administrator Dick Persson, residents are without elected representation so the decision to engage the wider community is a welcomed gesture.

The community engagement comes in the form of a survey that is very limited in its options but giving the illusion of choice.

The wording can only be described as cheap sales tactics; for instance calling the two options of a 10 per cent rise a “temporary fix” and a 15 per cent rise “securing your future”.

They provide a rather threatening table listing the fallout of not doing a rate rise including the closing of libraries and other local events, making it seem that the small cash injection from the rise will single-handedly save the Central Coast.

We don’t need the cheap tactics and scare mongering; we just need clear and open dialogue and (a) solution that keeps the welfare and wellbeing of the residents in mind.

Email, Jan 13
Evan Deas, Niagara Park