QR code scanning requirement ignored

Lake Haven Shopping Centre. Image: VisitNSWLake Haven Shopping Centre. Image: VisitNSW

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With COVID destroying the world and with how Christmas was basically cancelled, I am very concerned about the way people are ignoring QR Codes when entering stores.

Both my wife and I shop regularly at Lake Haven Shopping Centre, mostly food shopping at the Woolworths store there.

At the entry to the store, as there is at most stores, there is a stand with the QR code which is to be scanned upon entry.

I have stood waiting for my wife watching people completely ignore this stand and just walk in.

My understanding is that these codes are mandatory and have to be scanned into a phone, or if no phone, to be signed in to enter the store.

Over two months of watching this, not seen a single person used their phone to scan in.

As we are trying to do the right thing and always scan in to shop, why is Woolworths, and as far as I have seen most stores, ignoring this requirement?

Maybe your newspaper can dig into this matter, as this is a requirement and is for all of our safety as well as the safety of all the store employees, otherwise why have a rule if 90 per cent is ignoring it?

Email, Dec 25
Robert Beggs, Toukley