Arboretum has big plans for 2021

The Arboretum increased its wedding bookings last year due to its open outdoor space

Pearl Beach Arboretum revealed some interesting plans for 2021 when it handed down its summary of events for 2020.

President Victoria Crawford thanked the team of volunteers for their help and commended three new lifetime members.

“One of the final moments of the year gave us the opportunity to give out three life membership awards to Tony Grantham, Bruce Holzhauser and Duncan Bendall-Charles,” Crawford said.

“They have spent many years working with us and we look forward to many more.”

Crawford also noted the group’s redevelopment of the propagation shed and said the new year should see an abundance of new plants growing.

Results from the group’s koala project are also expected to be determined early this year after the “koala song meters” were deployed in December.

After a visit from Member for Gosford Liesl Tesch, the Arboretum also has some ideas about how to improve accessibility in 2021.

And following the construction of a new bridge over Green Point Creek in November, Crawford said she hopes the Arboretum can work with Central Coast Council again over several years to ensure all the bridges are replaced.

Despite the disruption and losses to many businesses caused by COVID-19, the Arboretum actually increased its bookings for wedding ceremonies at its cottage.

The Arboretum and its cottage can be booked for other events such as art and yoga classes and other educational and community events.

More information on the availability for events can be found at The Pearl Beach Arboretum website.

Media release, Jan 5
President of Crommelin Native Arboretum, Victoria Crawford