Saltmarsh rehabilitation works around Tuggerah lagoon system are being planned

Streambank rehabilitation is being planned for this bush reserve adjacent Woodland Parkway, Budgewoi

Saltmarsh rehabilitation works around Tuggerah lagoon system are being planned by Central Coast Council as part of the $4.7M Tuggerah Lakes estuary and catchment ecological health project, which received grant funding from the Australian Government.

Key areas will be targeted over the next two years, with weeding and mulching undertaken to promote resilience of saltmarsh and improve water quality in lake foreshore zones.

Locations include: San Remo; Diamond Head Dr, Budgewoi; Buff Point; two Tacoma sites including Don Small Oval; Osbourne Park at Peel St, Toukley; South Tacoma; Rocky Point; Kimilaroo Ave, Lake Munmorah; bush reserve on Woodland Parkway, Budgewoi; and, Noela Pl, Budgewoi.

Streambank rehabilitation is being planned in the bush reserve adjacent Woodland Parkway, Budgewoi, to restore natural instream processes that filter water moving through the site and improve the habitat.

The aim of foreshore rejuvenation at Noela Pl, Budgewoi, is to reduce the impacts of wave action as well as bush regeneration and weeding of invasive Spiny Rush and Asparagus fern.

A section of Wyong riverbank at South Tacoma will be stabilised using soft engineering techniques and native vegetation plantings to prevent tree fall into the river.

Foreshore rehabilitation is planned parallel to Kimilarro Ave, Lake Munmorah, to reduce erosion from wave action and runoff by creating low impact water access points, combined with saltmarsh and bush regeneration.

The aim at other sites is to restore the saltmarsh habitat through passive rehabilitation practices such as transplanting, mulching and weed control to promote saltmarsh growth, stabilise the foreshore and establish appropriate conditions for seagrass wrack to wash ashore and dry.

Over the next two years, Council will be asking residents and visitors what they love about, and how they use, the foreshore areas in these key areas.

Residents in each area will be notified as their local foreshore comes up for design and rehabilitation but the survey can be completed at any time online.

Council will use feedback to design rehabilitation works to best suit this sensitive environment and our community’s needs.

Council’s Administrator, Dick Persson, said community participation in planning matters is important in creating a shared sense of purpose, direction and understanding.

“Council has the important responsibility of ensuring that decisions that we make for and on behalf of the community ensure that appropriate community input is considered in the process,” he said.

“While I am focussing on understanding Council’s financial situation, it’s important that Council continues to engage the community on key operational issues.

Sue Murray