Quite a show at Wyong chambers

Wyong Council Chambers

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I will testify that I was an “extra” in Central Coast Council’s production of “The Sting” at Wyong Council chambers on December 14.

Actors, Administrator Persson and Director Cox were outstanding and very convincing in their lead roles and have bright futures as the production continues into 2021.

Deviation from the script was not an issue for the mature and experienced actors.

When deviation from the script did occur, when comments were made on the JRPP and environmental problems, (it) only added to the impact of their roles in the production.

Actors Persson and Cox are naturals in their autocratic roles, certain of offers in other local government productions.

Supporters of the arts should acknowledge the unacclaimed contribution Central Coast Council is making, enhancing the Coast’s reputation on the bigger stage.

A new generation of “Sting” supporters is about to be born.

Talent scouts are on the prowl, who knows where from here?

A re-write to include the Premier?

My role in the production was to ask questions about traffic management on the Peninsula. The scene was brilliant with actors Persson and Cox apathetic and indifferent performing convincingly without reservation.

Letter, Dec 15
Norm Harris, Umina