New building for Brooke Ave Public School

A concept drawing of the new school building at Killarney Vale

Construction will begin within months on the multi-million-dollar upgrade at Brooke Ave Public School, Killarney Vale.

Parliamentary Secretary for Central Coast, Adam Crouch, announced that Tuggerah company North Construction and Building had been awarded the contract, which would ensure that local jobs were prioritised.

“In 2019, the NSW Liberal Government promised to replace demountable classrooms with new, future focussed teaching spaces and I am so proud we are delivering on this commitment,” he said.

Construction is due to begin in early 2021 and will deliver a new building with four permanent teaching spaces and a new sports court.

The new building will be on the existing sports courts which will be relocated to a new area on the school site.

Once the new building is constructed, students will transition from four of the existing demountable buildings to the new teaching spaces, and the four demountable buildings will be removed.

NSW Education Minister, Sarah Mitchell, said these great new facilities will benefit the local community for generations to come.

“We want school students in NSW to have the very best education and providing high-quality school facilities like these is a key part of that,” she said.

The Minister said the State Government was investing $6.7B over four years to deliver more than 190 new and upgraded schools, the largest investment in public education infrastructure in the history of NSW.

Sue Murray