Local women’s group Aspires to support wellbeing

The Brisbane Water group developed the program with aims to empower young women

In collaboration with the University of Newcastle, a Brisbane Water women’s group has helped develop a wellbeing program for NSW students in time for the 2021 school year.

Soroptimist International Brisbane Water applied for their Aspire program to be the focus of a social project for the University’s third-year students.

Seven students spent the last semester researching and designing the program under the mentorship of Soroptimist president, Jill Goodwin.

In reflection of the project, students said: “The aim of the program is to enable, equip and empower young women with support and strategies to take on life believing in themselves, their capabilities and the confidence to achieve their goals.”

The program is made up of seven 90-minute sessions addressing issues of mindfulness, goal setting, career skills, healthy relationships and self-esteem.

The Brisbane Water group is now offering the program to local schools with funding provided.

Since 2014, the group has been funding programs in schools across the Coast, with 10 schools participating in last year’s program.

Media release, Nov 17
President Soroptimist International Brisbane Water, Jill Goodwin