Dispose of expired flares

Central Coast boaters will again be able to dispose of their expired flares safely and easily with collections to be held on November 27.

“Expired flares are classified as Class 1 explosives under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code and require authorised disposal,” NSW Maritime Executive Director, Mark Hutchings, said.

“Flares are to be used when you’re in trouble.

“They provide an exact location for searching aircraft or vessels and they are only to be lit when rescuers are in view.

“Most flares have a use-by date of three years and they must be replaced before the expiry date, with penalties applicable for those found to be using or carrying expired flares.

“This collection program provides the boating community with an opportunity to safely dispose of their out of date flares, particularly as flare collection is not permitted at service centres, registries or maritime sites.”

Hutchings said flares were an important component of required safety equipment.

NSW Maritime Boating Education Officers will be available to assist boaters at some of the flare collection points, with advice on flares and other safety equipment such as lifejacket servicing and answers to any questions about boating safety rules.

Collections will be held on November 27 at Terrigal Haven boat ramp (10.30am-noon), Gosford boat ramp (1-3.30pm) and Lions Park boat ramp, Woy Woy (3.30-5pm).

Media release, Nov 18
NSW Maritime