St Huberts Island bridge fence

A look at what the St Hubert's Island Bridge will look like after works have concluded

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Driving on the roads of our beautiful Central Coast we are so fortunate to be treated to water views, ocean views , the sound of bellbirds and so many expansive views.

One of these beautiful views is when driving down the bridge of St Huberts Island and enjoying water to each side; for many this view says “Ahh I am home“.

Now picture adding a high and unsightly fence to either side of the St Huberts Island bridge, not a beautiful picture at all.

This view would say “welcome to the unwanted fence that leads to some houses on an island”.

Central Coast Council has funding for a barrier on the St Huberts Island bridge.

These funds could be spent hurriedly on a fence that belongs on a freeway or could be spent more fittingly on a designed option that doesn’t detract from the beautiful view.

Email, Nov 11
Julie Piper, St Huberts Island