Delete ‘cat’, insert ‘dog’

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Good story in the Coast News of October 2. regarding cat control.

Delete cat and insert dog.

With the increasing people population there is also an increasing dog population.

We’re talking irresponsible dog owners.

The noise pollution from barking dogs is 24/7 and getting worse.

In this area around the Avoca lagoon there must be hundreds of dogs and it echoes all around the area when dogs are barking.

I am just amazed how dog owners can be responsible for waking up people in the middle of the night due to lack of dog control.

Dogs are not on a leash where required and dogs are all over the beaches where they should not be.

If you mention the issue to dog walkers many take offence.

Last year in Spain a new rule was introduced that dog walkers must carry a spray bottle with water and vinegar to spray where their dog has peed.

In Sweden there is a rule that dogs left alone at home must be walked every six hours.

In Tehran, no dog walking is allowed.

In many countries, including New Zealand, a yearly dog fee is in place somewhere to the amount of $200-300 per dog.

It seems in Australia dogs are a bit like the sacred cows in India ……don’t touch them!

Food for thought.

Email, Oct 7
I. Terp, North Avoca

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