Fall in home care package funding?

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With regards to Lucy Wick’s defence of the Morrison Govt’s funding for aged care (CCN 262) and Home Care Packages she should be aware that numerical data is meaningless unless some reference point is supplied.

The only reference that can be extracted from the data she supplied is the relative funding per Home Care Package under the previous Labor Govt and the present Morrison Govt.

Under the Labor Govt (2012-13) funding calculates to $220,500 per package.

The proposed Morrison Govt expenditure in more than 12 month’s time (2022-23) equates to $154,700 per package.

This rudimentary analysis displays a reduction in effective funding per Home Care Package and supports Deborah ONeill’s claim of the Morrison Govt’s reduced care for the aged.

Perhaps Lucy would like to explain the apparent discrepancy.

Email, Oct 6
C. Hodgson, Mount Elliot

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