Planned retreat is a dumb unproven theory


I write in reference to Coast Community Chronicle September 2, page 6, “Planned retreat is the best way to combat coastal erosion – Greens”.

Planned retreat is just about the dumbest unproven theory since the flat earth society actually existed.

These galoops ignore the facts and the science.

We have thousands and thousands of poles, jetties, anchors, posts in our waterways and no (yes, read no!) evidence of the water rising.

There is a 90-year-old boathouse in Blackwall, go and have a look for yourself, no waters rising.

This theory about standing back to let God do its thing, from people who don’t believe in God, is madness.

It has cost many homeowners thousands of dollars in extra insurance costs including our very own Gosford MP, Liesl Tesch, who lives on the water in Woy Woy and told me that “I will have to move up the hill one day”, but when I asked if she had discussed this with her bank home lender or her insurer, she went quiet.

The homeowners in Wamberal have tried for years, spent money on engineering studies, offered to pay their share, but have just been knocked back by the do-nothing, un-godly Greens.

If we stand aside as the do-nothings want us to do and let the ocean in, at least $100M-plus of public infrastructure in Ocean View Drive will be damaged.

If we build a sea wall like what has been done in many places in Australia and abroad, including Cronulla and the Gold Coast, we will have a solution.

Then the [Central Coast] Council can sell the five properties they own/control for huge money – that’s five out of 72 properties.

Email, Sept 2
Godfrey Franz, Gosford

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