Time to protect the Coast’s premier natural asset


Coastal Open Space System, or COSS as it is lovingly referred to by many locals, is a large network of reserves and bushland around our ridges, down into the valleys and often neighbouring residential land.

Former leaders and politicians of the Gosford area saw the enormous benefit of ensuring our green ridgelines were preserved as well as the uniqueness of the bushland due to both the canopy of the trees and the understories.

This COSS bushland forms the majority of the natural areas surrounding us and makes this area so liveable and unique.

The Coastal Open Space System has a number of specific objectives.

The first is to keep the visual and environmental quality of the natural scenery in the Gosford area.

As we drive into the Gosford ‘bowl’ this natural scenery is evident and gives a sense that we are surrounded with trees rather than overshadowed by high rise.

It provides a wonderful visual relief with a magnificent green backdrop.

The Central Coast area has 39 threatened species and many of these are found in COSS so this long, green backdrop, in which Gosford is gently nested, provides crucial habitat for native flora and fauna and helps protect biodiversity.

COSS is the ridgelines and the well-vegetated natural connections between ridgelines and corridors to wetlands.

These corridors allow the safe movement of wildlife through our region.

Keeping the natural vegetation helps to protect the water catchment and to reduce the deterioration of the water quality entering our watercourses.

This in turn helps to create a healthy habitat for local aquatic life.

Having COSS so close allows us to interact with and preserve nature.

It allows the educational and scientific value of local flora and fauna to be available to our community.

These environmental lands allow residents to very quickly arrive in a natural setting for passive recreation and connection to nature.

Our past leaders need to be remembered, appreciated and celebrated for bringing the environmental and scenic qualities of COSS into public ownership.

The space and aesthetics COSS provides certainly facilitate and enhance the enjoyment of our area.

Without their leadership and vision, the Gosford area would be a much different and less desirable place.

COSS can be found as far south as Patonga and Killcare Heights, east to Copacabana, west to Kariong and Somersby and as far North as Niagara Park and Lisarow.

Past leaders ensured that the appropriate planning and management frameworks were developed and applied.

Now is the time for our current political leaders to ensure the protection of what is clearly this community’s, and region’s, premier natural asset.

Email, Sep 4
Joy Cooper, Green Point

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