Soap dispensers need to be installed in all public toilets without delay

Joy Cooper

With fears mounting over a possible second wave of coronavirus in light of recent clusters in Melbourne and South Sydney, community activist Joy Cooper is calling on Central Coast Council to fast track action on seeing soap dispensers installed in all public toilets in the region.

Council resolved on June 22 to call for a report on the cost of re-installing soap in all public amenities, but the founder of the Soap in Public Toilets social media campaign said the report could still be weeks away.

“With the threat of COVID-19 continuing to hang over our heads, surely it’s time for Council to act in the most responsible way and to ensure that every public toilet has soap available for use,” Cooper said.

“Holding off until there is a public toilet policy surely isn’t acting in the best interest of visitors or residents.

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) is clear that the best thing we can all do is wash our hands regularly with soap and water.

“Surely the most prudent action of Council would be to either bring the Public Toilet Policy forward and have it out for consultation now, or to install soap dispensers in every public toilet.”

Cooper said having soap available enables visitors to feel welcomed when they need to use the bathrooms of the area.

“If our local council is serious about attracting visitors and tourists for longer than a toilet stop, its Public Toilet Policy needs to be a priority,” she said.

Cooper said not having soap readily available in all amenities was far more risky than fears previously cited of vandalism and possible slippages.

She said not having soap in public toilets posed particular risk to seniors.

“We are all well aware now of the serious risk that Covid-19 has for the elderly,” she said.

“Central Coast Council (needs to) take COVID-19 seriously, and help to protect the healthy, our tourist and our elderly population.”

Terry Collins

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