Wetlands-Pioneer Dairy is a twitchers’ paradise

Black-necked Stork, also known as Jabiru Photo: Daniel McKeon

Central Coast Wetlands-Pioneer Dairy is the premium birdwatching place on the Coast, says spokesperson for Central Coast Birding Group, Allen Benson.

It’s hard to believe though, that the twitchers’ paradise might well have been a power station if community groups hadn’t stepped in to save it many years ago.

It is a large parcel of swampland, open paddocks and woodland between Tuggerah and Wyong, owned by the Department of Lands, and operated and protected by Pioneer Dairy Trust.

The Trust has planted 20,000 trees and shrubs, mostly Swamp Mahogany, to provide habitat for Regent Honeyeaters and Swift Parrots.

“These trees are starting to reach maturity and should do so in the next five years,” said Benson.

“The place is very popular for birdwatchers, which explains why many unusual sightings are made here,” he said.

Get out the binoculars for rare sightings of Pectoral Sandpiper, Long-toed Stint and Oriental Plovers.

Benson said there’s regular unusual visits from Australian Pipit, Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Black Bittern, Azure Kingfisher, Plumed Whistling Duck, Musk Duck, Glossy Ibis, Australian Shelduck, Black-necked Stork, and during summer months, the Bronze Cuckoo and Shining Bronze Cuckoo will pay a visit.

Birdwatchers can also spot Waterbirds-Ducks (Wood, Black, Hardhead, Grey Teal), Cormorants (Little Pied, Little Black, Great), Raptors (Whistling Kite, Swamp Harrier, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Black-shouldered Kite), Figbird, Masked Lapwing, Egrets (all species), Black-winged Stilt, Southern Emu-wren plus lots more common birds.

In summer months, birdwatchers will see Channelled-billed Cuckoo, White-breasted Woodswallow, Fairy Martin and Sharp-tailed Sandpiper.

Even if birdwatching is not your thing, visitors can stroll through the nature walks, visit heritage listed buildings, practice your golf swing, have a picnic, discover the cultural history and learn about the grazing and dairy history.

Media release, Jun 26
Allen Benson, Central Coast Birding Group
Reporter: Sue Murray