Students achieve ‘bronze’ status

Brisbane Water CampusBrisbane Water Secondary Campus

A number of students in Team Two at Brisbane Water Secondary College have been recognised for reaching “bronze status”.

They were, in 7.2.1: Dominic Barnes, Mikaylah Burchell, Bailee Hughes, Siarah Kings, River Miles, Owen-Jude Pyne and RIley Van Der Neut. In 8.2.1, they were James Black, Amir El-Kurdi, Binnowee Ellis, Sean Johnson, Dita Morris, Saria Puata, Aaron Santos, Tasia Simon, Charlie Wilcockson, Nate Wilkes and Pearl Woods. In 9.2.1, Joshua Groves, Adam Hawkins, Brooke Mason, Jay Naughton and Megumi Ramos were named.

“This term, our students have continued to learn both in and outside of the class room,” said campus principal Ms Kerry O’Heir.

“A school day can include research, sporting activities and creative problem solving. “We are focusing on commitment this term, especially displayed through school uniform and by being fully prepared for every lesson by bringing all school equipment.

“Year 7 has been working hard showing their creativity in English and being very competitive in PDHPE to be the best. “They are learning agriculture on the farm this term. “Year 8 have enjoyed being back in the classroom learning. “The students have been engaged in Technology Mandatory to finish their timber project.

“In PDHPE, all students are learning about different cultures and inclusivity in physical activity. “In English, Year 8 have been looking at Australian voices in poetry. “They have been exploring the poems of Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson and having a go at writing some poetry of their own.

“In Year 9, all students have been displaying their knowledge in PDHPE through improving individual and community health around the Peninsula and engaging in Court Sports for PE.”

Newsletter, 19 Jun 2020 Kerry O’Heir, BWSC Umina

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