Wagstaffe artist has work on display in Gosford

Mr Ian Provest is one of 11 Central Coast artists whose work is now on display in Gosford

Wagstaffe resident Mr Ian Provest is one of 11 Central Coast artists whose work is now on display in Gosford.

The “In Iso” exhibition has begun at the Gosford Regional Gallery and features Mr Provest’s new work, entitled CWALM. “The idea for my new work surfaced during Covid-19 isolation with its periods of concern, uncertainty, fear, grief, news overdoses, on-line supportive connections and photo instagram posts,” he said.

“I became aware of an unhealthy escalating adrenaline in the community and myself. “This sapped up valuable time, so I diverted this energy into art. “I had found lost or discarded playing balls on walks along Killcare and Putty Beach, over the past 20 years and placed them in large suitcase of my late mother, Merle.

“I decided to use them around Easter, as I have some history of creating works during Easter.

“Alone I kayaked to a sandbank located in the waterway between Ettalong and Hardys Bay… on Easter Saturday night. “I still sense my childhood wonder of these sandbanks, magic islands where the sense of time is different.

“An unexpected gale force wind thwarted my plans, so I returned on Easter Sunday and the outcome is on display.” The exhibition is now open with contact tracing and timed entry tickets, although there is no time limit out on patrons throughout their visit.

SOURCE: Media release, 23 Jul 2020 Ian Provest, Wagstaffe

This article appeared first in the Peninsula News print edition 499

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