Fairy Penguin gets shredded ahead of big date

For many, a pre-dawn winter workout can be a largely forgettable event, but for one group, a surprise visit from a fairy penguin made their bootcamp session one to remember.

Salty Anastasi runs Original Bootcamp Central Coast and, during an early morning session at Terrigal Haven on July 3, her group welcomed the new participant.

“We were making our way to the Haven and we’d reached the boat ramp when the little guy came out of the water.

“He didn’t seem very phased by us and he just hung around on the beach chilling for a bit, before heading back into the surf,” Anastasi said.

After collectively gushing over the cute new arrival and snapping a few pics, Anastasi said members contacted a wildlife rescue service to inform them of the lone penguin.

“We were advised that it’s common for males to be out and about along the coast at this time of year as they make their way towards South Australia for their mating season, so it’s a bit of a running joke now that he got lost on his way to a Tinder date,” Anastasi said.

Dilon Luke