New government radio network for emergency services responders

Telco authority towerImage: NSW Telco Authority

[Wyong] The public safety network for emergency services responders has been boosted on the Central Coast with the completion of a new government radio network (GRN) site in Wyong Creek.

The new site was delivered by the NSW Telco Authority, an essential service agency that works to support emergency services organisations.

NSW Telco Authority Managing Director, Kylie De Courteney, said the new radio site is vital for ongoing community safety in the region.

“These sites provide emergency services organisations with a single, integrated network on which to communicate,” De Courteney said.

“By expanding the footprint of this critical infrastructure, we are ensuring that frontline responders have an enhanced and more reliable radio network to help keep people and places safe.”

The NSW Government is investing over $600M in essential infrastructure to better protect communities.

“The Telco Authority is expanding the GRN, which means increased radio coverage for emergency services across NSW,” De Courteney said.

“During the 2019-20 bushfires in NSW, this network was crucial in supporting the Rural Fire Service, Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance and the State Emergency Service in protecting NSW communities.”

The new radio site in Wyong Creek follows a recent $217M boost to the Telco Authority to continue to expand the footprint of the GRN across NSW.

Media release, June 9
Dept of Customer Service
NSW Government