EMC adapts to take on virus

Some of the EMC Electric Vehicles range

West Gosford firm EMC Electric Vehicles is attacking the coronavirus head on, with a new range of cleansing vehicles aimed at keeping the region’s public spaces free of infection.

General Manager, Blake Shields said the new EMC Micro 100% Electric Cleansing Vehicle range had joined forces with leading Australian company, Rapid Spray, to provide the latest technical advances and innovative products in cleaning and disinfection.

“We are learning to adapt to out news situation and recognise the importance of the Australian people’s health and the Australian economy,” Shields said.

“Our top priority is to assist in the cleansing and sanitising of areas such as local government areas, shopping centres, hospitals, public parks and schools.

“Because our vehicles are electric, they do not have emissions, and they can manoeuvre in tight spaces, both of which makes them ideal for use in shopping centres and other enclosed spaces.”

Shields said the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle has five key configurations, all fit with spray cleaning tools from Rapid Spray.

EMC offers the vehicles in different types of variations, from a small compact option, to larger vehicle options fit for larger scale disinfection with a 600 litre tank capacity, suitable for areas such as footpaths and external zones.

The vehicles are assembled in Australia.

“We like to work with local businesses and all of our products are sourced locally,” Shields said.

EMC Electric Vehicles is a Varley Group Company, founded in 1886, one of oldest engineering companies in Australia.

EMC provides Electric Vehicle solutions for commercial and industrial applications as well as domestic products such as burden carriers, spare parts and accessories.

All vehicles are provided with a national service network across Australia through MLA Holdings Mitsubishi.


Media release, Apr 6, 2020 – EMC Electric Vehicles – Interview, May 6, 2020 -Blake Shields