Actors wanted to perform in 12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men - the original screen play.

Youth unemployment program, Eagle Arts Inc., is planning a production of the play, 12 Angry Men.

Eagle Arts Coordinator, Gabrielle Worrall, said an announcement about auditions would be made soon, with the organisation planning on holding performances at Wyong Arts Centre and Kariong Eco Garden.

“We will be running auditions pretty soon so if you like plays, please audition.

“Clearly, we will continue to follow coronavirus guidelines so only one person may audition at a time, but lines can be learnt at home, even in isolation.

“We will have our own version of this wonderful play,” Worrall.

Worrall said it has a strong social justice theme relevant to a modern audience and that it was going to be a lot of fun.

“If we end up with 12 Angry Women, we will be using a lot of makeup.

“Similarly, if we only get a few takers, actors will have to double up their parts.

“Either way it is going to be fun,” she said.

Anyone interested in an audition should call Gabrielle Worrall on 0455 195 920.

Press release, May 25
Gabrielle Worrall, Eagle Arts Inc.