State-of-the-art technology installed at cancer centre

Icon Cancer CentreIcon Cancer Centre Gosford

Patients at Icon Cancer Centre Gosford are now accessing the latest in radiation therapy treatment and innovation, following the installation of state-of-the-art technology which provides faster and more comfortable treatment for people with cancer.

The new Varian Halcyon system is an image guidance machine that offers high dose radiation treatment to tumours with pinpoint precision and speed, while minimising exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and organs and reducing treatment time to less than 15 minutes.

With both cancer incidence and mortality in Gosford ranking higher than the state average, cancer treatment services are increasingly important for the local community.
This pioneering technology streamlines and simplifies every aspect of a patient’s cancer treatment, with the capacity to treat up to 50 patients a day.
Icon Radiation Oncologist, Dr John Boyages, said that Icon Gosford is proud to offer a wider variety of treatment options for the Central Coast and remain focused on pushing the boundaries of cancer care to give patients new hope.
“It’s a pleasure to work alongside my colleagues to provide the most advanced care for our patients.
“Being able to champion the latest techniques and technology in cancer treatment for the Gosford community is something that Icon takes pride in and fulfils our vision of delivering the best possible care to more patients, closer to home,” Dr Boyages said.

Media release, Feb 11
Michaella Porter, WE Communications