Rhythm Hut’s 6th birthday bash to be the start of a new era

The Rhythm Hunt drummersThe Rhythm Hunters

The Rhythm Hut, the heart and soul of live music in Gosford, is celebrating its sixth birthday with a monster birthday celebration on November 8.

Wild Marmalade, The Rhythm Hunters and the Crooked Fiddle Band are all set to take to the stage in this all ages event celebrating The Hut’s role as one of the Coast’s top venues.

Founded in 2001 in an Erina studio by musician and drumming teacher, Rendra Freestone, his tribal rhythms and voice, breath, and relaxation classes gradually blossomed into the Coast’s premier Taiko and Djembe drumming school. After various incarnations, The Hut relocated to a derelict Faunce St property in 2013, with a massive job ahead of them.

After raising nearly $26,000 from a crowdfunding campaign and direct donations, an army of volunteers put their heart and soul into transforming the ruin into a masterpiece.

Affectionately known as ‘The Shed’, The Hut’s new community and performance space eventually opened its doors to a diverse range of live music featuring emerging and established artists, workshops and community events.

That said, The Hut has experienced its share of survival challenges that often come with volunteer-run ventures. “Managing to rise above adversity on several occasions, the venue continues to be highly sought-after by represented and independent musicians alike, largely because of its music loving community and inclusive culture that sets it apart from noisy pubs and clubs.

“To ensure that this musical jewel remains firmly planted in the Central Coast’s crown, The Rhythm Hut Board is in the process of applying for a full on-premises licence and developing a new plan for 2020 to ensure that the hut is able to continue to provide much needed musical, creative and cultural services to the community.

“With live music venues closing down all over NSW in recent years, the hut is determined to continue supporting musicians and enriching the community spirit with high calibre musical offerings, ” said Freestone. The Hut’s 6th Birthday Bash gets underway from 7pm on November 8.

Source: Media release, Oct 25 Linda Summer, The Rhythm Hut