Workshop looks at reducing household waste

Central Coast Council will host a free Food Smart Workshop in Empire Bay on Saturday, November 10.

The workshop will focus on ways to reduce excessive household food waste, with the average NSW household throwing out $70 worth of food a week. Ideas about cooking, food preparation, storage and management will be discussed. During the workshop attendees will also be shown how to compost and create their own worm farm.

The workshop will be held from 9:30am to 11:30am at Empire Bay Public School. Bookings are essential. Council manager Ms Beth Burgess said she encouraged locals who would like to learn effective and easy techniques to reduce food waste, while helping the environment and their hip pocket to register for the program.

“After completing the Food Smart Program 91 per cent of families reported being more aware of food waste, 89 per cent reduced their food waste, and 78 per cent saved money on groceries. “Those who register will receive a free pack that includes a reusable shopping bag, tea towel, bag clips, reusable food covers and planning tools, after completion of an initial survey.” Those interested can register their interest by emailing

Mayor Cr Jane Smith said food waste was the third biggest source of carbon pollution, accounting for eight per cent of the world’s greenhouse gases. “When we waste food we are also wasting all the energy and resources it took to grow, raise, store, package and transport that food.”

SOURCES: Social media, 29 Oct 2018 Simone Champion, Empire Bay Public School Media release, 1 Nov 2018 Beth Burgess, Central Coast Council