Terrigal was once the jewel of the Central Coast

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Terrigal was once the jewel of the Central Coast, but who would say that now?

Yes, the gorgeous beach is still there, but the place is a nightmare to get in and out of, as we all know. Then to add insult to injury, there have been so many DA’s passed, that it’s going to look like a giant Westfield by the sea when they’re all built.

At least the Westfield’s are relatively easy to get to and have masses of parking. However, unlike a Westfield, Terrigal has masses of vacant shops, with many more to come, so who will tenant them all? There never was any planning at Terrigal from the very beginning, with the first roads being just formalised wild cattle-tracks. I think that the cattle would have the last laugh if they could see what’s going on there today.

Email, Mar 4 Liz Parkinson, Avoca