Encourage development in Woy Woy, says Chamber

Work on a new masterplan for Woy Woy Town Centre will not commence until July 2018Work on a new masterplan for Woy Woy Town Centre will not commence until July 2018

The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce wants to see a new masterplan for Woy Woy “focus on planning controls that encourage residential accommodation that complements the retail and commercial base”, according to president Mr Matthew Wales.

Central Coast Council expects to have a new Woy Woy Town Centre Masterplan in place by June 2020. “The Chamber encourages Council to create a working committee of key stakeholders including property owners, local professionals and business people so that the aspirations of the local business community are reflected in the debate,” he said. “We need a new urban planning and design approach to the town centre so that we can attract new investment and create attractive opportunities for existing property owners and outside investors.

“The town has all the right ingredients to support multi-level residential accommodation which has been a feature of other town centres along rail and transport corridors yet for a variety of reasons, this type of development has been shunned in Woy Woy. “Woy Woy town centre has the potential to be a vibrant major growth centre and we applaud Council’s commitment to the new Masterplan. “Woy Woy is in a prime position to capitalise on key assets such the waterfront precinct, the rail interchange and national store brands and yet has failed to attract substantial new development in recent years,” he said. “It has been disappointing in recent years that Woy Woy has failed to attract new mixed-use residential development in the town centre close to the rail hub. “The new Masterplan is essential for the long-term viability of the Woy Woy town centre,” said Mr Wales.

SOURCE: Media release, 11 Jan 2018 Matthew Wales, Peninsula Chamber of Commerce