Do we have to wait another three years?

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For years, the residents of the Peninsula have had to put up with no representative on Council.
If, perchance, you did spot a councillor somewhere their response was “I don’t represent you”, and they would disappear.
With the creation of the new bigger Council and a return to having wards again, I was looking forward to being able to, at last, talk to someone who understood the neglect we have endured for years.
Unfortunately, most of our new councillors don’t live here and probably don’t understand the frustration we have had to put up with.
The other day I tried to attract Cr Richard Mehrtens’ attention.
Just to say hello and “Congratulations on your election”.
Well, that didn’t work.
He was gone in a flash.
Now I am wondering just when and where I might be able to have a word or do I have to wait three years and hope we get some locals, next time.

Email, 6 Dec 2017
Fred Charles, Woy Woy