Mayoral election a master stroke of manipulation


On September 25, in there were great gasps and groans from the community when Clr Jane Smith had the casting vote for Clr Chris Holstein to be Deputy Mayor.
This was a master stroke from the grand old fox, Mr Malcolm Brooks OAM, and the young, Leonardo de Caprio look-alike and whipper snapper, Mr Taylor Martin MLC.
Mr Brooks is a life member of the Liberal Party, and on a first name basis with most if not all state and fenderal Liberals.
Mr Brooks was able to turn Liberal revile of Labor to his advantage and have installed into the Mayor’s chair a former member of The Greens and fellow ‘independent’ from a past election.
Mr Brooks proudly sat and watched his master plan unwrap.
Using Mr Martins loathing for the Labor Party, he orchestrated all the Liberal Councillors obediently and submissively to vote for Ms Smith and former Liberal MP, Mr Holstein.
While that may be where some felt this plan finished, I believe it is where it starts.
Mr Brooks is opposed to the ATO office on the school site, and not in favour of the strong push by the state big L Liberals for huge towers and top end of town control of Gosford.
The crafty Mr Brooks was able to have his way by using the abomination the Liberals have for Labor to place two independents into power positions and, have Ms Smith, a progressive and ‘low rise favourer’ plus a fellow ‘small-l’ Liberal, and former Liberal MP, Mr Holstein as Deputy Mayor.
Mr Martin, with a grin as big as a Cheshire cat, was able to give a strong message to the big end of town, to stay out and let the locals decide who represents them.
What a master stroke of manipulation on so many levels by the two local Liberals.
Congratulations gentlemen.

Email, Oct 3
Gary Oxford, Terrigal