Gateway determination for consolidated LEP still to come

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The NSW Department of Planning has still not provided a gateway determination to Central Coast Council for a consolidated Central Coast Local Environmental Plan (LEP), 10 months after the Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, moved to commence its preparation.
“Council staff are working with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) on its request for a gateway determination for the draft Central Coast Consolidated LEP,” Council said in a statement on September 28.
“Councillors will be given a detailed briefing on the document once a gateway determination has been issued by DPE.
“Community and Public Authority consultation will commence once this briefing has been given,” the statement said.
Central Coast Council’s Mayor, Clr Jane Smith, said: “The consolidated LEP is part of the process of amalgamation bringing the former Gosford and Wyong LEPs together.
“It will be important for the community to make comment when the Consolidated LEP is on exhibition, and I strongly encourage that.
“However the real opportunity for all stakeholders to look at the long-term character of their area will be through the Comprehensive Central Coast LEP process that will follow,” she said.
On November 23, 2016, Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, adopted a staff recommendation to prepare a planning proposal for the Central Coast Council to consolidate the Wyong and Gosford LEPs and other instruments, and to prepare an interim amalgamated Development Control Plan to complement the Central Coast LEP.
At that time, it was determined to forward the planning proposal to the Department of Planning to request a gateway determination.
Mr Reynolds also moved that Council commence investigative studies to support the future Comprehensive LEP.
A brand new, stand alone LEP for the entire new Central Coast local government area could take around three years for finalise and involves extensive community consultation.

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Central Coast Council media
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Central Coast Council ordinary meeting