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Abigail Boyd Greens candidateAbigail Boyd Greens candidate

Abigail Boyd lives on the Central Coast with her husband and two young daughters, working remotely from home as a finance lawyer.
She is co-convenor of the Central Coast Greens and was the federal candidate in the seat of Dobell last year.
Abigail is passionate about creating a level playing field for all Australians, including through tax reform, reinvestment in health and education and reforms to address the lack of affordable housing.
Abigail is committed to ensuring that families on the Central Coast are able to access cost-effective childcare and that the most vulnerable in our community can access quality community services.
The Greens don’t take developer or corporate donations and, as a result, are able to represent communities unclouded by vested interests.
Abigail believes in long-term planning for the Gosford electorate, well beyond the next electoral cycle, and will fight for the state government to invest in much-needed transport infrastructure and local services including improving train times between Gosford and Sydney, finishing the Woy Woy underpass, reinvesting in TAFE and encouraging more GPs to set up on the Peninsula.
Key to smart long-term development is the preservation of what makes the Central Coast a great place to live, our beautiful environment, our clean water supply and our public spaces.
All of these are under threat from a weakening of our environmental protection laws, overly-favourable conditions for developers and failure to consult with the community on local projects.
Abigail is committed to restoring the balance and ensuring that the community has a meaningful say in what happens to their neighbourhoods.
Input and feedback is important for Greens representatives to do their jobs well.
Abigail will consult widely with the community and will be available at local listening posts twice a month, giving all residents the opportunity to have their voices heard.

SOURCE: Media statement, 29 Mar 2017
Abigail Boyd, Greens Candidate for Seat of Gosford