Liberals accuse Labor of ignoring its members

The NSW branch of the Australian Labor Party has been accused of not listening to its members by Mr Adam Crouch, Liberal Party State Member for Terrigal.
Mr Crouch made his remarks after Ms Liesl Tesch was named Labor’s candidate in the April by-election for the State Seat of Gosford.
He said: “We have now seen Sydney Labor parachute three candidates on the Central Coast in a little over two years, denying their members any say in who represents them.”
He added: “If NSW Labor won’t listen to its own members, how will it listen to the community?”
Mr Crouch said, in stark contrast, the Liberal candidates would proceed to a democratic preselection.
“I am excited by the diversity and quality of candidates looking to represent the Liberal Party and the Gosford community in the NSW Parliament.
“This upcoming by-election offers two distinct differences, with Labor it is a vote to put somebody into opposition who can promise everything but deliver nothing, while the Liberal candidate will be a strong voice in Government for Gosford, who can continue delivering the roads, education and health services the community needs,“ said Mr Crouch.
Mr David Harris, Shadow Minister for the Central Coast, said the Labor Party on the Central Coast was “100 per cent behind Liesl Tesch”.
“She is an outstanding candidate who lives and works in the local area and is absolutely committed to serving the people of Gosford,” Mr Harris said.
Mr Harris said it was hypocritical of the Government to pretend they were interested in Gosford now.
“They have closed services, cancelled projects and ignored the community’s views on so many issues,” Mr Harris said.

Media release,
March 1, 2017
Kerryanne Delaney, Office of Adam Crouch
Media statement,
March 2, 2017
Zachary Harrison, Office of David Harris