Liberals fail to consider properly and cost accurately

Letter to the editor

At least one thing is clear.

Liberals fail to consider properly and cost accurately. The rail crossing project in Woy Woy was promised in election mode. In governing mode, they realise that they got it wrong. What did they do about investigating this project? Mr Duncan Gay said recently that he blames the Council for the inaccurate costing. Did he order any costings? Is it a good practice to simply take the costings of the Council as accurate? Would a building contractor accept the estimates of a client when signing up to build a home? Is Mr David Harris correct to say that this was simply a dodgy Liberal election promise?

Will The Scenic Rd, Empire Bay Dr, Kincumber intersection be the next example of an unfulfi lled promise by the Liberals? Mr Adam Crouch ran his campaign for Terrigal on a promise of fi xing the aforementioned intersection. People are passionate about roads. Fixing this intersection (moving more vehicles per hour through it) is important. However, as far as securing the funding goes, it appears that only “planning funds” have been allocated. I suggest that more needs to be done than simple planning. I wonder if all options have been considered.

Traffic lights are proposed. Most experts say that roundabouts are more effi cient, have less collisions and are far less costly. Surely a multi lane roundabout, or a roundabout combined with a straight through side lane are worthy options to? I have a strong feeling that we will still be talking about both projects in 2019.

Email, Oct 21, 2016 Jeff Sundstrom, Kincumber