More coaching clinics and speedway meets at Somersby

Nick Holder watched by Craig Boyce instructs junior speedway riders AND Young riders take advantage of the junior facilities at Somersby

Mr Mick Holder and Mr Terry Starbuck have a plan to reinvigorate the Somersby Junior Speedway with motorcycle coaching clinics and speedway meets.

“The initiative, spawned by a number of NSW based former riders, aims to ensure that one of the country’s most fruitful speedway breeding grounds does not lose its impetus,” Mr Starbuck said. The Somersby junior track has hosted a national under-16 championship and also played a huge part in the development of star riders such as Sam Masters, Taylor Poole, Mason Campton, Richard Sweetman and the Holder brothers James, Chris (2012 World Speedway Champion and Grand Prix rider) and Jack (now riding for Plymouth in UK Premier League). The circuit still hosts junior racing, but there has been a noticeable drop in rider numbers since some of the core families involved have moved on. “With that in mind, Mick Holder and I have started a drive to entice youngsters to get involved. “We are promoting the code as a cost effective way of having fun and in some instances, riding professionally,” he said. Mr Starbuck has a long history in the sport and was heavily involved with Barry Briggs and Ivan Mauger’s World Series Speedway in the 1980s. He and Mr Holder share a vision to encourage riders to step from junior dirt bikes across to junior 125cc speedway bikes when they reach nine years of age. To this end, they have enlisted the help of former world number three Mr Craig Boyce and South Australian speedway legend, Mr Shane Parker. The inaugural junior coaching clinic, held on Saturday, May 23 prior to the Junior Speedway Challenge, was a huge success, according to Mr Starbuck. “The day started with some excellent theory on safety, rules and bike preparation, followed by static instruction on riding technique. “The riders then had a walk around the track with a bike which included more instruction on riding technique and positioning the bike on the track. “The bikes were fi red up and each rider had a few laps of one-on-one instruction putting into practice what they had been told. “Mick and Craig gave the riders feedback and further instructions and then there were a few more laps. “When the racing started after lunch, it was evident that all riders, but particularly the less experienced ones, had learned a lot and were benefi ting from the coaching. “Their improved riding technique, bike control, speed and confi dence were clear to see,” he said. The next junior coaching clinic is scheduled for Saturday June 27, followed by the Junior Pointscore speedway meeting. The organisers hope to attract more local junior dirt bike riders interested in learning about speedway racing and  stepping up to 125cc speedway later.

Media release, 10 June 2015 Terry Starbuck, Starbuck Visual Marketing