Highland Dancing Titles held

The Central Coast Highland Dancing Titles were held as part of the Gosford Regional Show for the first time this year and were a huge success for local dancers and competition organisers.

The competition was a great way to add something new to the Gosford Show, to bring more people to the city, and support the future growth of Gosford. “The bagpipes were a great touch to the show and could be heard all through the town, all we were waiting on was mayor McKinna to show us a Scottish move or two,” said Mr Douglas McFarland, chairman of the organising committee, Central Coast Highland Dancing. Some outstanding achievements were made over the weekend with local dancers from the Veronica Law School of Highland and Scottish National Dancing and Laycock St Dance claiming victory, making sure many of the trophies successfully stayed home. Results included: Liam Golden was title winner beginner 10 years and over; Jacinta Dall was title winner Intermediate; Melinda Warren was title winner 16-18 years; and, Felicity Warren was title winner for the 19 years and over division The Laycock St Dance trophy went to Felicity Warren and was a representation and refl ection of true technique, upholding tradition and dancing with passion. “Our aim is to encourage a positive, supportive environment for traditional and technical dance,” said Mr McFarland. “A true refl ection of sportsmanship and athleticism was shown in the annual bounce-a-thon event. This event essentially measures how long the body can survive a continuous Highland Fling. Laycock St Dance’s Natasha Golden took out the 10 years and under bounce-a-thon event with 21 steps. Students’ main focus will now shift to one of the country’s prestigious and biggest championships, ‘The Internationals’, held from July 24 to 27 at the Niagara Park Stadium.

Media release, 5 May 2015 Joshua Lucas, Dosh PR