Terrigal bookkeeper scoops major award

Summer To

Starting a new business and doubling growth in its opening year is a tough achievement for any entrepreneur, but Central Coast bookkeeper Summer To has defeated the odds and has been awarded the national award for Best Emerging Franchisee.

After years of experience in the hotel industry and working in corporate finance travelling Australia, COVID restrictions prompted To to establish herself on the Central Coast and join the renowned First Class Accounts network by opening a franchise in Terrigal.

Since her relocation to the Central Coast and opening business doors a year ago, the community has embraced the bookkeeper’s services.

She was awarded the accolade by First Class Accounts, the largest franchise in Australia.

“The cornerstone of our growth strategy revolves around commitment to delivering exceptional services,” she said.

“We firmly believe that by consistently providing outstanding services, word-of-mouth referrals naturally follow and that has spurred our growth.”

To’s team of two staff members is a tribute to the bookkeeper’s success in expanding First Class Accounts Terrigal, and the owner has plans for further growth.

In addition to her dedication to her bookkeeping business To is a passionate traveller and has worked remotely from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan this past year.

“The beauty of my business model lies in the flexibility it offers, enabling me to work from virtually anywhere.”

While she attributes the company’s success to her excellent services and value for authenticity, the franchisee encourages aspiring bookkeepers to be courageous in their career.

“One enduring piece of advice I have adhered to is to embrace adventure,” she said.

“Sometimes, taking that leap into the unknown can yield the most rewarding outcomes.

“This award signifies the culmination of relentless effort invested in nurturing my fledgling business.

“It imbues me with confidence and determination to continually strive for excellence.”