Cancellation of travel card disappointing

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It is disappointing the NSW Labor Government has cancelled the Regional Travel Card (RTC) for eligible senior citizens.

While recent press articles suggest the “baby boomers” are heading overseas for holidays, many do not and have relied on the RTC to help fund trips/visits to country NSW towns and elsewhere in recent years.

These country towns, to some extent, rely on these visitors to support their local economies as they travel throughout the state in their caravans and other forms of transport.

It also assists country residents to travel and holiday in other parts of the country.

The decision made by the Government to cancel the RTC is short-sighted and simply fails the regional and rural communities of NSW as well as the users of the RTC.

These people must feel they have been forgotten by the Government and it is difficult to understand this decision.

It is even more difficult to understand what the benefits are of cancelling programs such as the RTC which reflects poorly on the Government.

Email, Dec 1
Brian Cotterill, Empire Bay