A warning to shoppers

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I was doing my normal routine shopping on Saturday, November 11, at Deepwater Plaza.

I had been to the ATM, returned some plates to Kmart and bought two t-shirts and then went to the newsagency to place my weekly lotto tickets, always hoping to win the big one.

However it was the woman and her daughter behind me who hit the jackpot.

I inadvertently left my purse on the counter.

After realising I had left it behind, I went back, but you two had already taken it -not realising you’re on camera.

I reported it to security on duty and the police and went home to cancel my credit cards, as I had a lot of ID in my purse.

I rang Crime Stoppers; they showed concern.

On Monday morning I went through all channels and cancelled everything that had a cash value; Centrelink detail, Flybuys, Woolworths Rewards, licence etc.

The local police returned my wallet on Wednesday, four days later (it had been dumped at the Reject Shop).

They had taken all my Christmas money, totalling $400, or near to that amount.

I hope they enjoyed spending it; I won’t have that choice now.

I wish to thank the staff at the newsagency for their help and support.

Also centre management, staff at the Reject Shop for their honesty and the local police for being diligent and taking notice of my predicament.

I know people are desperate and in need this time of the year, but does it excuse this kind of behaviour?

The police have not closed my case and will be following it up via security cameras at the centre and the Reject Shop.

Email, Nov 25
KMS, Woy Woy (name withheld for security reasons)