Iconic Norah Head lighthouse turns 120

Volunteers and community members celebrated the 120th anniversary of the iconic Norah Head lighthouse

Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve volunteers gathered with neighbours, friends and family to celebrate the 120th birthday of the lighthouse on November 18.

Volunteers and Crown Land manager Reflections fired up the barbecue and held lighthouse tours for the local Norah Head community at the Norah Head Lighthouse Reserve.

“The anniversary is a celebration, not only of the lighthouse which has saved many mariners’ lives, but also of the community volunteers,” Reflections’ Regional manager Alisa Wells said.

“Volunteers work tirelessly to tend to the lighthouse and reserve and help preserve it for generations to come, and it’s great that they are sharing their knowledge and passion with the local community.  

“What it really means is that we get a chance to show off just how beautiful and iconic this old lady is and what a wonderful asset it has been to the coastal navigation of NSW.”

Lighthouse volunteers co-ordinator Ian Thomas said the volunteers were passionate about what they did.

“They really are knowledgeable people who can not only give you the facts but tell you the story of what life was like for the lighthouse keepers and on through the ages,” he said.

Minister for Central Coast and Member for Wyong David Harris said the lighthouse was a beacon of safety and welcome for visitors from near and far, as well as a much-loved community asset.

“Construction of the Norah Head lighthouse began on February 26,1901, with light shining for the first time on the evening of November 15,1903.

“Since then, it has helped many mariners safely navigate the waters of the Central Coast, while capturing the imagination of visitors from near and far.

“I congratulate the volunteers on their important work and look forward to a great celebration with the local community.”

Community members interested in volunteering at the reserve had the opportunity to meet the volunteers and find out what’s involved.

Reflections commenced as site manager in September this year, partnering with community volunteers to ensure the ongoing care and preservation of this important community asset.

Reflections cares for Crown Land reserves across NSW, reinvesting profit into public land for the community’s enjoyment.

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