Central Coast Mariners’ tough night in Perth

JAcob Farrell


Last Saturday night, November 4, the Central Coast Mariners faced an uphill battle as they took on Perth Glory in an intense showdown at HBF Park in Perth.

Despite a spirited effort from the Mariners, they ultimately fell short, losing 2 -0, leaving fans and players alike pondering the ups and downs of the round ball game.

From the first whistle, it was evident that both teams were hungry for success.

The Central Coast Mariners, determined to secure their first win of the season, showcased some of their youthful prowess with new plays and strategic moves.

Throughout the first half, the game was marked by intense competition and near-miss opportunities for both teams.

The Mariners’ attacks made some promising advances, with both Farrell and Paull sending shots goalward without success and Glory’s defence remained resolute.

Perth Glory, playing in front of their home crowd, were formidable, confidently keeping the Mariners locked up at nil all until halftime.

As the players re-entered the field a halftime sub for the Mariners saw Alou Kuol come on for Dylan Wenzel-Halls.

However, the football pitch can be a fickle stage, and in the second half, Perth Glory managed to break through the Mariners’ defence with a well-executed play in the 52nd minute.

The collective disappointment of fans was palpable, and the score update painted a challenging picture for the Mariners.

Despite the setback, the Mariners refused to let adversity dampen their spirit, continuing to push forward, making valiant efforts to level the playing field.

Then in the 60th minute, Marco Tulio put the ball in the back of the net for an equaliser, but it was called back for offside.

Mariners fans were devastated with the decision, then expressed their unwavering support, sharing messages of hope and determination on social media.

In the 72nd minute, Perth scored and the home crowd erupted, only to have the goal disallowed after a VAR decision ruled it offside.

Shortly afterwards Torres earned a red card from the ref and the Mariners were down to 10 men.

The Mariners fired up and Theoharous almost found the back of the net, but Perth’s keeper Cook palmed it over the bar for a save.

Manager Jackson threw on fresh legs as substitutions with Wilson, Steele and Doka on for Roux, Theoharous and Tulio.

Glory sensed weakness and pounced, pushing relentlessly forward as regular time rolled into seven minutes of injury time.

In the 93rd minute, Perth scored their second goal and the wind fell out of the sails of the Mariners outfit.

Shortly after, the final whistle blew with the score favouring the Glory.

The Mariners, who had fought hard throughout the game, now faced the bitter taste of defeat.

Football is a game of passion and small margins, where victories and losses often go hand in hand.

While the outcome may not have been what the Central Coast Mariners and their dedicated fanbase had hoped for, it’s essential to remember that every match provides valuable lessons for the new young team and growth opportunities abound.

As the Mariners regroup and analyse their performance after this match, they’ll look ahead to future fixtures with determination and a stronger resolve.

The beautiful game has a way of testing teams and revealing their character, and the Mariners’ journey continues with the promise of new opportunities and the pursuit of success in the increasingly competitive world of Australian football.