Solar rebate needs to be increased

Solar panels on a local RFS - Image Creative CommonsSolar panels on a local RFS - Image Creative Commons

Thousands of householders across Australia invested millions in solar panels to help reduce the costs of high electricity.

The number of panels on roofs varied depending what the householder could afford at the time and initially it was a good investment as the rebate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) was about 42 cents.

Today it is worth only seven cents per kWh.

Queensland, on the other hand, is about 40 cents per kWh; it is not a fair playing field when it can vary between states.

Prior to both the federal and state elections, promises of cheaper power prices were made; they have failed to achieve this.

In fact, power prices have increased dramatically since (the Labor Government) has been in power.

Power companies are making huge profits at the expense of those people who invested in purchasing solar panels for little return.

The Energy Minister must consider the increase in rebates for those who invested in solar to help reduce the rising costs of electricity.

Email, Jul 16
Henry Chisholm, Point Clare

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  1. Ray Hardy | July 22, 2023 at 4:27 pm |

    geothermal is the cheapest way to go but I do think they know how to spell it

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