Gemma gets a headstart on career in aged care

Gemma Szabo

Gemma Szabo is just one of the 59 Central Coast high school students gaining real world practical skills and experience by completing TAFE-Delivered Vocational Education Training at TAFE NSW Gosford.

TAFE is equipping school-based trainees with experience so they can make a flying start in their health careers.

“I decided to study individual support at TAFE NSW to gain my Certificate III and complete the traineeship now so then when I graduate high school, I have already completed one course and am one step closer to starting my career in aged care,” Szabo said.

“There is a heavy load of work to do in Year 12, but the teachers at TAFE NSW help me to balance the course assessments and traineeship with schoolwork and I can ask them for help anytime.”

Szabo said her traineeship at local aged care facility, Woy Woy Peninsula Villages, has given her the opportunity to immerse herself in the health profession and put knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to use.

“Studying at TAFE NSW has prepared me well for my job working with the elderly and supporting them with their needs at Peninsula Villages,” she said.

“At the same time, I learn about another aspect of the job, taking the time to learn residents’ different personalities and a bit of history behind all their lives.

“It is very interesting, and I enjoy every part of working at Peninsula Villages.”

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia reports that there is a need for an extra 35,000 aged care workers per year to keep up with industry demand, with a high demand for TAFE NSW aged care graduates.

“Opportunities for healthcare jobs are growing, and I’ve been able to use this traineeship to play a role in making a difference in the health and wellbeing of individuals in my community,” Szabo said.

Head Teacher Sue Packer said TAFE NSW aged care healthcare pathways supported students to get their foot in the door and a head start to their career.

“TAFE NSW’s Technical and Vocational Education Training course aims to give students a running start into the workforce while still at school and the opportunity to make a lasting impact in one of the most in-demand industries,” she said.

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  1. Ron Pennell | May 27, 2023 at 7:11 pm |

    Gemma is one of my grandaughters and I know she is a natural for this as a career, she loves working with the aged and I wish her well in her future career, Gemma is real value

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