Council reviews plan for Woy Woy townhouses

The existing house in Paton St

A townhouse project in Woy Woy, previously rejected by both Central Coast Council and the Local Planning Panel, is again open for public comment following an official request by the property owner, Thomas Bowyer, to review the proposal.

About 150 objection submissions have been received by Council since the DA first came up in April 2021 to build two double-storey townhouses at the rear of 95 Paton St, Woy Woy.

Plans for the 697sqm block include renovation of the existing house, two new three-bedroom townhouses, three garages, two open car spaces, a new driveway and front courtyard fencing.

The development application was refused for over-development of the site and the Panel said that the applicant had not shown satisfactory reason to allow a variation to the 750sqm minimum lot size development standard.

The applicant was seeking approval for a 7.09 percent variation (Clause 4.6 Variation), equating to 53.2sqm below the minimum standard for multi-dwelling housing.

A line drawing of the proposed townhouses

An official application to review the development application (61493/2021) was lodged with Council in June.

It includes 26 pages of information “to better demonstrate why compliance (with the development standard) is unnecessary … as the proposed minor variation is justified and optimises the opportunity to provide a high-quality development that provides affordable housing for moderate income households which is a significant public benefit”.

“The 7.09 percent variation is not unreasonable and complies with other controls under the Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plan,” the document said.

“Central Coast Council, and previously Gosford City Council, have virtually abandoned or destroyed the development standard through their own actions in granting consents departing from the standard.”

The document listed 30 examples of approved variations of up to 13.3 percent for multi-dwelling developments between 2016 and 2021.

“If compliance is required, the compliant alternative is a three-storey, 418sqm dual occupancy which is far less desirable on planning grounds compared to the proposed two-storey multi-dwelling,” the document said.

Council and the Local Planning Panel raised other concerns with the development proposal including the nature of the building form by retaining the existing dwelling, internal ceiling heights, inadequate landscaping, lack of deep soil planting, lack of private open space, poorly located garbage bin storage, inadequate parking turning paths.

According to the applicant, these matters have been addressed in the Statement of Environmental Effects Revision 3 presented with the Review application.

Concerns raised by the community include over-development, traffic and parking, invasion of privacy into neighbouring yards from the two-storey townhouses, and that the development would not blend with the character of the area.

The development application is on exhibition for public comment on Council’s website until August 12

Sue Murray

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  1. Oh my what is wrong with these people always trying to stop the developments from happening come on people this called plain old Selfishness from you people

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