600 home development in Lake Munmorah goes on exhibition

A subdivision proposal for up to 600 homes along Chain Valley Bay Rd at Lake Munmorah is now on exhibition for community feedback.

It’s a Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (DLALC) project to develop part of its total 154ha site with about 60ha for housing and to set aside a 21ha biodiversity corridor.

The 154ha site straddles the western and eastern side of Chain Valley Bay Rd at its intersection with the Pacific Highway.

The proposed development, which is stage one for the site, extends about 700m north of the highway, 500m east of Chain Valley Bay Rd and 460m west of Chain Valley Bay Rd.

It is currently vacant rural land zoned E2 Environmental Conservation and E3 Environmental Management and would require rezoning to allow low to medium density housing on about 60ha of the land over four sections, as well as central open recreational space.

The planning proposal also includes the full-width upgrading of Chain Valley Bay Rd along the site frontage and the construction of four new public roads to the residential subdivision off Chain Valley Bay Rd at two four-way cross-intersections.

A traffic assessment report by Intersect Traffic Pty Ltd says that as the Pacific Highway/Chain Valley Bay Rd intersection is currently “failing”, the upgrading of the intersection will be of benefit to both existing residents and future development in the area.

It was recommended in the report that it was “fair and reasonable” that a (financial) contribution to the intersection upgrade be made from all developers in the area who would gain benefit from the intersection upgrade, as well as the state government road authority for existing traffic.

The only other known significant development in Chain Valley Bay impacting on traffic volumes is a planning proposal at 15 Mulloway Rd for 174 housing lots and a traffic assessment would be done separately for that proposal.

Intersect Traffic also concluded that additional bus stops, seats and shelters would be required on both Chain Valley Bay Rd and the bus route loop within the subdivision.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment Executive Director of Local and Regional Planning, Malcolm McDonald, said the community could help shape Lake Munmorah’s growth, by sharing its views on the DLALC project.

“Showcasing this proposal to the public represents a significant milestone in Darkinjung’s journey, to use its land to reap economic rewards for local Aboriginal people and deliver much-needed new homes,” he said.

“It lays the foundations for a new park and up to 600 homes at various price points, close to existing services and jobs, not just for the Traditional Owners but everyone on the Central Coast.

“The proposal balances development with environmental conservation by protecting 21ha of untouchable bushland, home to wildlife such as the masked owl.”

McDonald said this proposal was a game-changer for Lake Munmorah, boosting housing supply, promoting cultural heritage and strengthening Aboriginal self-determination.

“We will continue to work with Darkinjung to identify how its land can best be planned, managed, and developed.

“This is one of three Darkinjung projects currently being assessed under a streamlined planning system, to support the local Aboriginal community.

“It follows the 2020 approval for an industrial hub in Wallarah, with the potential to create 1,200 new jobs,” McDonald said.

Darkinjung is the largest non-government landowner on the Central Coast and is one of 120 Local Aboriginal Land Councils in NSW.

For more information and to provide your feedback on the plan by 12 noon on May 24, go online to https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/Darkinjung-lake-munmorah

Sue Murray

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  1. I’ve lived in chain Valley Bay for over 40 years and I say go and ruin somewhere else I like it just the way it is

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