All beaches and sporting grounds remain closed

As of Monday, March 7, 2022, all 15 patrolled beaches and all of the 74 council-run sporting grounds have been formally closed, with the possible exception of the Central Coast Regional Sporting and Recreation Complex.


Two weeks of relentless rainfall have resulted in all beaches and waterways being heavily contaminated with organic and non-organic waste. Conditions are unfit for swimming surfing, or even fishing at most locations.

Large quantities of seafoam cover many beaches, making even walking on beaches a potentially unhygienic activity.

The Grant McBride Ocean Baths have also been closed for upgrades.

The status of beaches can be found at the Council website:

Sporting grounds

Council is responsible for managing most of the sporting grounds on the Central Coast, as of today Monday all of them remain well and truly closed, this includes surrounding areas of the grounds.

Council assesses the effects of wet weather and the condition of each sports ground from Monday to 2pm Friday.

Council publishes the status of sporting grounds on their website and can be accessed here: